Hi, I am

Mattie Zarena Whitfield

Mattie Zarena Whitfield, aka MZ. Kaptivate

A multi-passionate entrepreneur, mother, speaker, writer, online TV Host, and philanthropist.

I believe we all have a purpose on our journey in life and commitments to bring that purpose into fruition.

One of mine is that women of all colors learn and own living the life they love and magnetically designing it by standing in their fully awaken, and elevated feminine voice unveiling their goddess to the world.

Despite the un-loving valleys in my life such as bullying as a youth, domestic violence as a teenager and adult, abused friendships, heart brake, single parenting, personal financial loss, divorce, not being able to be the “real” me out of fear of being judged. You name it; I’ve grown from it. I have never given up on believing in authentic love. 

After studying business, marketing and acting in college, and climbing the ladder at traditional corporate and the entertainment industry, I discovered that wasn’t for me, and I had a passion for the evolution of people and communication. It started a feverish journey of researching human behavior in relationships and the impact that communication has on relationships internally and externally.   It also elevated my love of femininity and how we as women have more magnetic power than we are taught and the drive to bring it to my portion of the world.

This birthed the Art of Feminine Communication.

Through the Art of Feminine Communication, I have helped female powerhouses awaken, and elevate their feminine voice and learn and embrace how to authentically love themselves. This divine love has in return attracted the love life they deserve.  Clients have gone from not dating in years to enjoying a healthy dating life all the way to wives becoming renewed in their fulfillment and perspective on their marriage, restoring their love for their husband.  Love begets Love.

You can join me weekly at my online TV show Kaptivating Konversations where we have authentic conversations to loving relationships. 

Let’s take this Love Journey together,